Hi! I’m Christina, the gardener and herbalist behind Little River Botanicals. The magic of plants has inspired me to connect and (re)discover the beauty, simplicity and power of medicine making. I studied community herbalism at Pacific Rim College and make potions for my friends and their families. These potions are inspired by my relationship with plants as allies. Recipes are a mix of tradition, intuition and inherited teachings.
As I uncover the many layers of colonialism within myself, the more I change and adapt my relationship with plants and their medicine. I’m passionate about land stewardship and believe in Indigenous sovereignty. I love to wildcraft but am re-evaluating and re-considering the practice of harvesting as an uninvited settler on stolen land. This season I’m committed to harvest with consent and hope to grow a variety of medicinal plants in my garden to minimize my impact on wild plant species. I donate 5% of sales to Raven Trust ~ Respecting Aboriginal Values and Environmental Needs. I believe in the protection of sacred landscapes and the right to fight against violation of these lands and waters. Raven Trust centres Indigenous People’s stories of what’s at stake – for the community and for the environment.
I’m grateful to have you here in the apothecary with me.

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