Musings of Spring

I keep hearing on the radio that this has been the longest winter in the city in over 20 years. And though we’re still wearing toques and coats in March, the natural world knows no difference. Daffodils stem and crocuses flower from the dirt same as last year, and the one before. Tulips slowly unravel their palms, opening up to receive the light of the new world. And although this year some people say winter has outworn its welcome, abundance still flows through the season. The sunshine still feels warm when she appears, and I’m noticing the signs of spring. And it pleases me. All of the greenery peeks through the earth and curls my mouth, heats my heart. Powerful little plants grow through wet soil, emerge from snowy remnants… these are the divine creatures of the earth, spirits of inspiration, beauties of persistence. I’m inspired by their existence…
Some believe these final days of winter to be a precious time of year. Some savour the last days of hibernation. They are warmed from within by a fire that grows, hot and heavy. Because our creativity still stirs, she emerges into awareness as the season shifts into Spring. Fresh air, new life and pure oxygen fuel our fire, and reveal our inner truths beneath the sunshine.

The Spring equinox is Monday, March 20th. The sun crosses the celestial equator into the skies of the Northern Hemisphere, marking the beginning of Spring for us in the North.
The new moon of Spring is Monday March 27th and comes with a burst of creative energy and love of learning. It is a great time for new projects and beginnings.

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