up at dawn

by discoverybird

Infinite Possibilities:

Project 1

It wasn’t as cold as I expected it to be, the skies were already lightening above the darkness of the streets. The first thing we saw as we left the building was the waning crescent moon. My lips curled into a smile as we hopped on our bikes and rode South on Windsor, barely noticing the slow uphill climb.

And I’m awake! It didn’t take long to rouse my body and mind into awareness. By the time we turned off Windsor onto 28th Ave (heading West toward Queen Elizabeth Park) I could feel the fatigue in my body. But we were chasing sunrise, and I pedalled slowly, not caring to keep up with my companion and leader, though I happily committed to his invitation of a sunrise adventure and knew I’d be enjoying it a lot more once we arrived at the top of the park.

And we did! I was sweaty and thirsty, feeling the pull of morning. Our first stop was at the highest point in Vancouver city limits… beauty defined… but the trees hide the view of Eastern skies (sunrise) from here. But the view of the Northern mountains is beautiful. A harmonious dark against the waking skies, pale against the city below, purple and dark, yawning.


Smokey Georgia train, rolling over the ocean like a dragon


After taking in the view and resting from the climb, we moved East across the Bloedel Conservatory, to a parking lot. Here we found a view of the actual sun, and Mount Baker hiding in the darkness below, light against the dark, rising into day.

The view of Vancouver atop QE park is a majestic and mystical sight, eyes fluttering in the city’s tallest trees… perhaps best at daybreak.


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