Cafe Deux Soleil

by discoverybird

autumn eyes under crisp rain
two umbrellas bounce along city streets
under city trees, autumn on everything
as coffee swirls around scarves and wet curls
in the city
i catch faces across tables, in mirrors and windows,
autumn eyes on everyone
in the city
as coffee swirls

You know those rainy days of hanging out in a coffee shop reading a book, floating in and out of day dreams? Those are really good days. Those are quintessential Vancouver days. My new-old favourite spot to do this is Commercial Drive’s Cafe Deux Soleil. The open space cafe has tons of great seats and a large vegetarian menu with some tasty, affordable breakfast options.

The last few times I’ve been here, it’s been a minimum two hour stay. A good sign.

Try the everything omelette, and cozy up with a book or the paper and watch the beautiful characters of the city pass by.

See a full calendar of events, including music, poetry and comedy at Cafe Deux Soleil.


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