Return to Squamish Riverside

Sea to Sky Country: Our own backyard

Camping Trip #7 – 2016


by discoverybird

We arrived late on Thursday night, the free campground was full but we found a small break in the bushes between two sites to set up our tent and had a small fire, hopeful we would find something better in the morning.

It was a beautiful day. Our friends arrived in their Westfalia in the late morning and we were determined to find a bigger spot. After asking around to see if anyone was leaving, a lovely couple invited us to share their large site. They were travelling, from New Zealand and Germany, living out of their tent for the summer and finding work only when they were running out of money.

The couple had been exploring the trails and wilderness of Squamish for over a week now and had learned the lay of the land better than all of us Canadians. Our German host invited us to a fishing spot he had found. We followed in the Westy up the bumpy road. Laying in the back, looking up at the sky, I dreamed of living out of a tent for months on end, days full of nature and discovery.

A foot trail below a few waterfalls led us to a beautiful sandy bank along the river; this would be an amazing spot to pitch a tent, with views down the river to the mountains, the moon quietly rising above the valley in the early evening. As everyone cast a line, I built a fire and slipped softly into my heart, imagining a simpler life.


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