Olympic Peninsula, WA – Part Two

Olympic National Park: A Pacific Northwest rainforest

Camping Trip #6 – 2016


by discoverybird

After spending two nights at Twanoh State Park, we drove along the highway that hugs the Hood Canal, looping around its Southern tip and headed North. There are lots of quaint beach towns along the way with fireworks, crab shacks, espresso huts, and even a brewery! But we were headed to Port Angeles to restock and drive West into Olympic National Forest.

Fairholme Campground

As we entered the great coastal forest, rain greeted us enthusiastically. We were bound for Faireholme Campround, located on the West side of Lake Crescent, a large glacial fed lake about 45 minutes West of Port Angeles. It was dark and grey and wet when we reached Faireholme. The campground is quite large, with 3 different loops and many walk-in sites along the lake. It was wet and muddy and we took longer than usual to decide on our site. We didn’t realize until later that we chose site 21, our recurring camp number!

We rain proofed quickly and were eager to enjoy a beer around the fire before walking down to the lake. The rain eased off and we didn’t see any rain for the rest of our trip. The Faireholme General Store sits above the campground beach and rents kayaks, canoes and row boats (and sells pretty much everything you need for camping). We liked the idea of a boat rental the next day, and left the beach to walk the trails around the water.

Lake Crescent is breathtaking. The mountains were hidden in mist, but the freshness of the rain forest felt incredible. The lake was still, and we were feeling soft and reflective as we admired the beauty of the land.


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