Cal-Cheak Round 2

We returned to Whistler’s Cal-Cheak to live along the river.

Camping Trip # 4 – 2016


by discoverybird

We arrived early Friday morning to get set up. We knew we would see some rain over the weekend and we wanted to get rain ready right away! This time we chose site 21, right above the river in the South Camp. I’d say it was quiet in the campground, as there weren’t many other occupied sites, but the rivers rushing alongside number 21 were so loud we couldn’t hear each other if our heads were turned away!


Though the white noise of the powerful river is strangely soothing and maddening all at once, it’s a great site at the corner of the campground. There is a trail that leads down stairs to a fresh water stream and across a bridge to a low riverside group site. The suspension bridge is beside site 21 and crosses the Callaghan Creek to a 4km trail that passes over the railroad tracks and leads South to Brandywine Falls. We did hike the trail, but stayed riverside to discover a remote house in the woods baring “No Trespassing” signs.

Every night we enjoyed fires for hours, keeping warm. The wet weather was cold and I was glad we brought scarves and toques, but I wasn’t bothered by the rain as it means a safer summer in BC. Our days were mostly clear and we saw blue sky and even the moon on our last night at camp.

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