Lynn Canyon

Lynn Valley is woven with many great west coast hiking trails.

Hiking – Baden Powell to Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge & The Varley Trail

Lynn Canyon 4_Fotor

by discoverybird

Since having gone on a few camping trips this year, I’ve had a real craving to be surrounded by nature. I live in a busy city, which I love, and while there are many great urban parks to enjoy a picnic or afternoon stroll, it doesn’t give me that same feeling as being submerged in nature. So I’ve been visiting the North Shore mountains these last few weeks.

My first visit this year started at the End of the Line General Store at the top of Lynn Valley Road. I began my hike at the Baden Powell Trail entrance across the street from the store. The Baden Powell Trail is a 48 km trail that begins in Deep Cove and crosses the North Shore mountains, ending in Horseshoe Bay. Today, I only walked a small section of the trail to the suspension bridge.

I felt really wonderful doing this easy section of the trail. I was reminded of my childhood as I climbed over the roots and rocks protruding from the heavily forested terrain. The air felt clean and wet and fresh. I reached the suspension bridge rather quickly and there were few tourists this early in the season, I smiled as I passed over the bridge and continued on to the 30 Foot Pool. This section of the hike would be great to bring kids to. There are so many wonderful things about the forest that feed the imagination.

I hiked over the Pipeline Bridge and walked the Varley Trail before heading back to my starting point. I really enjoyed this trail as well. Flat and easy and right along the river. I enjoyed reading about the artist Fred Varley, after which the trail is named. An artist very much inspired by the forests of British Columbia, I was inspired as well.



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