Porteau Cove

A 45 minute escape from the city, one of many reasons to fall in love with Porteau Cove.

Camping Trip #2 – 2016


by discoverybird

We arrived right at 1pm for check-in to walk-in site #16. She was a sweet little spot, decently separated from the other close-quartered sites, #16 offers a little extra privacy and the hike up the hill just next to this site provides a decent shelter from the Pacific sea winds.

It is only April after all… (April showers)… though we set up tarps and brought umbrellas in preparation for rain, we were lucky to only feel a few drops as we cooked in the evening around the fire. The walk-in sites of 16 offer 3 communal fire pits but at this time of year (on a Sunday) we had the entire ring to ourselves and moved our kitchen to the benches surrounding the fire to keep warm as the ocean air cooled with the sun set.


$18 per night plus a $6 registration fee through Discover Camping, the park is well maintained and on a Sunday night in early season, the campground was quiet. We’ll be back soon.


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