All We Are (2015)

The Bee Gees… in the new millennium…

All We Are (2015) by All We Are


IMG_5288by discoverybird

Dreamy, sexy, soothing, this album has a familiar sound with a modern feel. The 90’s meets the Bee Gees meets today.

All We Are is a gem to be discovered… sultry vocals and instrumentals full of yesteryear…  The type of album you could play in a restaurant to add to the atmosphere in a super sexy way, Feel Safe being an especially sexy track.

The lyrics are sung at an octave so high it’s impossible not to hear the Bee Gees. All We Are’s facebook page categorizes their genre as “The Bee Gees on diazepam“… sounds pretty inviting, right?

All We Are is pleasing to the ears, subtle and sultry, and resonates in the body. And the album’s got good variety; the track Keep Me Alive has a 90’s feel of grunge and rebellion, while Honey is a funky dance track reminiscent of Chromeo. It’s good, solid indie.

#1 album of 2015… voted by discoverybird


(English, New Age, Landscape, Pop-Rock, Millennial Wonder)

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