Garcia (1972)

We picked up Garcia by Jerry Garcia from Audiopile a few months back and we’ve enjoyed it from first listen.

Garcia (1972) by Jerry Garcia


by discoverybird

It just sounds good. It feels good. Soulful, electric rock. Warm and slow but rough around the edges.

I’ve never been a dead head. I couldn’t name a Grateful Dead song, I don’t worship Jerry Garcia. But as I’ve become familiar with this album, I believe he is a great musician. And tonight, I’ve learned that Garcia’s debut solo album really is a solo album, he plays almost all of the instrumental pieces alone.

Poetic folk rock.

…there is, of course, an era-inspired experimental track. Startling, strange, (and often skippable) the first track of side two moves through erratic piano and space-laser sounds, but ends in a lovely Bowie-esque piano interlude.

Absolutely worth the listen, start to finish.


(American, Folk Rock, Acid Rock)




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