33 Acres Celebrates 2nd Year

33 Acres Brewing Co. celebrated their 2nd birthday last month. The tasting room was filled with hundreds of white balloons, and the fun and frenzy of “win a year of free beer” continued, where guests write their name on a balloon as a chance to win an entire year of free beer from the brewery. The last balloon to be popped at the celebration belongs to the winner!

I love this idea! And would love to be the winner! But I also find it a little amusing and, to me, it really shows the beauty and dysfunction of the space; a roaring loud room with little warmth and horrible acoustics, now filled with hundreds of balloons popping sporadically as I sip and savor some of the city’s best beer, is not the best atmosphere. But the space filled with white birthday balloons sure looks good.

We’re in a city filled with great breweries and passionate people. If you’re lucky enough to visit 33 Acres late on a Tuesday morning, when the room is quiet and reminiscent of its early days, I know you’ll recognize the beauty of Dave Varga’s beers as much as the design of the room.

Visit 33 Acres Brewing Co. Monday-Friday 9am-11pm Saturday&Sunday 10am-11pm.

All images from 33 Acres instagram feed.

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