Sunset Beach, Vancouver

We had decided that we needed to watch the sunset together before the week’s end. The best place to watch it is the beach, where the big ol’ sun sinks out of the sky and into the ocean. Let’s have a picnic… a dinner picnic!

The apartment roasted, smelling of chicken and garlic and spices, as we drank a beer in the late afternoon. We packed up our picnic, the chicken, some salad, and a bottle of icy white wine, and hopped on our bikes. The absolute best way to get around this city is by bicycle, true of most places, urban and rural.

Living in Vancouver on 10th Ave, one of city’s finest and most traveled bike routes, we have easy and instant access to bike culture. I love the 10th Ave route, busy with cyclists, many of the streets shaded by giant trees older than the heritage homes beside them.

We cruised off 10th and down Ontario Street’s “little mountain”, feeling lovely, and light, and free. We followed the sea wall around Science World, under the Cambie, Granville, and Burrard Street Bridges before rolling down to the beaches of the West End. We found a spot at one of the logs on Sunset Beach and unpacked our picnic. The chicken was moist and flavourful, the pasta salad fresh with herbs, the wine cold and crisp. We were happy as we watched the sun sink, the sky changing from blue to gold to red. The moon appeared as a sliver, and followed the sun into the sea. Visit all of Vancouver’s beaches by bike.

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