Another City: Portland, Oregon

I’ve visited Portland many times over the last 10 years. It is a fantastic city, especially for craft beer lovers. Portland not only has a vibrant beer scene, they have a delicious food scene too, and it is incredibly easy to get around by bicycle! Pacific North West at its best!

My top recommendations when visiting Portland, Oregon:

If you’re like me, you enjoy a sour beer, and Cascade Brewing Barrel House is the place to have one! Cascade is the House of Sours and they pride themselves in this unique artisanal style. And their patio is pretty killer too.

Base Camp Brewing also has a unique style and a killer patio. It is all about camp vibes at Base Camp. The tap room is filled with the spirit of nature, from the fallen lumber tabletops, to the amazing outdoor photographs, Base Camp feels a lot like a cabin at the summit of a mountain – one that serves delicious craft beer. Partnering with local food trucks, Base Camp features delicious food too, you gotta try the Shawarma Fries from Gonzo.

Helser’s on Alberta Street has incredible breakfast, even more incredible after your first night in Portland. But go early! This place always has a line up… and it’s well worth the wait.

Pine State Biscuits also has a location on Alberta Street, but if Helser’s has a line, Pine State’s is twice as long. This place offers the city’s best biscuits, served up however you like ’em best. Biscuits and jam, biscuits and gravy, pulled pork biscuit sandwich, or the ultimate Reggie biscuit: fried chicken, bacon and cheese topped with house made gravy. You might need a nap after your mind-blowing experience at Pine State.

Travel to Portland by Amtrak National Rail. You can ride your bike onto the train at Pacific Central Station in Vancouver and 8 hours later ride right off into North America’s craft beer mecca. Find tickets as low as $100 return at Amtrak.

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