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rescue salve

a household favourite. rescue salve helps repair skin from damaged dryness, eczema, cuts and scrapes. rescue salve is also an effective vapour rub for chest congestion.

ingredients: gumweed, plantain, apricot kernel oil, olive oil, beeswax (optional: neroli, lavender, eucalyptus, clary sage essential oils)

$8 for 30ml tin

kick the cold

elderberry echinacea tincture with warming spices for oncoming colds, or if you’re already in the midst of one, kick it out of your system!

ingredients: elderberry, echinacea, clove, cinnamon, calendula, ginger, star anise, allspice, cardamom, rosemary, brandy

$25 for 50ml bottle
$45 for 100ml bottle

balm of st john

a wonder worker on sore muscles and nerve pain, can also be used to soothe sun burns. this balm has a beautiful pink hue from the fresh blooms harvested during the golden days of june.

ingredients: st john’s wort, apricot kernel oil, beeswax

$8 for 30ml tin

vegan fire cider

sweet + spicy tonic to boost the immune system. add a shot to hot or cold water, or drink straight. warming + decongestive.

ingredients: jalapeno, orange, garlic, onion, horseradish, ginger, red radish, schisandra, pepper, turmeric, rosemary, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup

$15 for 100ml bottle

hawthorn flower essence

nurture + protect the heart with this energetic medicine. add a few drops to water or take directly under the tongue.

ingredients: hawthorn + quartz infused water, brandy

$15 for 30ml bottle

forest salve

root down with this douglas fir infused salve, great for dry skin and as a ritual anointing oil.

ingredients: douglas fir, apricot kernel oil, beeswax

$8 for 30ml tin

pleasure potion

sweet + sensual elixir. get into your body and feel its beauty! especially nice in sparkling water. heat things up and ground yourself down.

ingredients: cacao, schisandra, rose, damiana, eleuthero, honey, black spiced rum, hawthorn flower essence.

$30 for 50ml bottle

deep ease

relax and fall asleep with ease, or take in drop dose for anxiety.

ingredients: california poppy, skullcap, passionflower, grain alcohol

$25 for 50ml bottle
$45 for 100ml bottle

balm of gilead

balm of gilead is a natural perfume with an intoxicating scent and has been used as medicine since biblical times. it helps heal wounds, soothe sore muscles and ease inflammation. divine!

ingredients: poplar buds, olive oil, grapeseed oil, beeswax

$8 for 30ml tin

soft heart bath blend

relax your nervous system + tend to your heart with a warm soak in herbs + salt.
add half or full jar to bath while filling. be sure to use a drain cover or put blend in a muslin bag.

ingredients: epsom salt, himalayan pink salt, rose, hawthorn, oatstraw, almond oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, vitamin e + essential oils of rose + bergamot

$12 for 60ml jar


give your liver some love! this tincture is so supportive it makes you glow.

ingredients: burdock, dandelion, reishi, milk thistle, grain + cane alcohol

$30 for 50ml bottle
$50 for 100ml bottle

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